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TV Review: DEXTER - It's Alive 2.1

Monday, 16 April 2012

The story picks up thirty eight days after Dexter saved his sister and killed his brother Rudy, The Ice Truck Killer. Thirty eight days is a long time for Dexter to go without killing anyone though and he has his next target in his sights, problem is ever since the conclusion of The Ice Truck Killer case the suspicious and frankly hilarious Sgt Doakes has followed Dexter’s every move when not on duty. In order to prove or at least try to convince Doakes that he’s normal Dexter has took up bowling to surpass his murderous desires until one day the opportunity presents itself and Dexter finds himself unable to quench his thirst.

“It’s Alive” dealt very much with the fall out and aftermath of season ones stunning finale, not only was Dexter in quandary trying to kill someone but his sister Deb has all but convinced herself that returning to work so soon after her ordeal is a good thing, whilst
back at home for Dexter, Rita is still facing a hard time from ex-husband and convict Paul who's trying to convince her that Dexter is not the man she thinks and she should be in the yard looking for a shoe which will see him released from custody.

It’s probably Dexter’s problem which was the best bit of this opening episode, not only does he have Sgt Doakes on his back but Deb has also moved in with him and is slowly grinding further and further on his nerves, turns out Dexter has a slight OCD when it comes to his apartment being clean and tidy whilst Deb really doesn’t seem to concerned with anything like that. Finally with the chance to kill again Dexter’s problems race to the surface and he finds himself riddled with guilt over killing the biological brother who helped open his eyes to where he came from and the lies Harry had kept from him for years, it’s a strange affection for Dexter as he loves Deb dearly but she is not blood and he choose to protect her over Rudy.

Doakes chips in with another brilliant one liner in this opener, but you have to ask if you were trying to get rid of a sergeant’s attention would you really be opening a titty site at work? Doakes blazes in “what’s that a titty site?”, you surely wouldn’t dare look at anything like that at work, but you have to admit it adds to the dark humour of Dexter.

If you remember I read a spoiler accidentally whilst watching season 1, and I thought Dexter’s first victim of this season would be Paul Bennett when he was released from custody, but I got that wrong. Stuck in a federal prison which is admittedly way out of his league he is killed in a prison fight, argh, to bad, but lets face it the prick had it coming for long enough, and it’s one less problem for Dexter to deal with, although Rita is not going to follow up anymore of Paul’s claims thankfully for Dexter, and I have to mention seeing Julie Benz wearing little to no clothing certainly wasn’t a low point in this episode.

It all builds towards a brilliant episode with lots of things set in place, and then just when you think things can’t get any better two treasure hunters diving off the Miami coast uncover the bodies which Dexter has buried there, that leads to a massive police operation and the beginning of a hunt for a new Miami based serial-killer dubbed “The Bay Harbour Butcher”, or Dexter as we all know him.
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