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TV Review: AWAKE - Oregon 1.5

Thursday, 5 April 2012

I was going to review this show from the beginning, but since the "Pilot" I'm yet to find something of length that I wanted to say, I do enjoy Awake and I am interested to see where they go with things, I know we are only five episodes in but I thought that maybe we would have a little more of the Sci-Fi element going on, rather than the procedural crime drama that we've seen so far. The reality's or dreams always cross over in some way or another but I'm yet to see anything more than a clue helping solve a crime in the red or blue world.

Right from the off in "Oregon" the dreams or reality's are crossing over, I have to say the red reality with his wife looks a lot nicer especially when watching in HD, you really notice how pretty his wife (Laura Allen, quite amusing on her IMDB page she was actually born in Portland, Oregon) is. I liked the great way they used a dog in the reality's almost to warm him, kind of like a constant seeing a dog attack him and then one lead him to a body in the woods, that was pretty clever but still not explaining what is really going on. Michael spent the beginning of the episode looking for Lassie, was he hoping for a statement? The dog had of course found the body first and we were to learn later that it had chewed up and swallowed some vital evidence in the case of The Gemini Killer.

The Gemini Killer for me is probably the first character I can see on a returning basis, he set Michael up for his first murder and thanks to the dog eating the evidence, the FBI believed that Michael was in fact guilty as they had killed the man they believed to be The Gemini Killer years before. Wouldn't that be a good name for a serial killer in Dexter? Once I heard the name come up I kind of thought that maybe Dexter might moonlight onto the set of Awake and hand out a little vigilante justice.

Another example of the realities crossing over was of course the title of this episode "Oregon", Hannah has been redecorating in the red world hoping that would help them get over Rex, now she wants to move to Portland, Oregon and unbeknown to Michael she had already set up costs for moving their furniture with a company named Montana Moving and Storage, on it's own a little boring but back in the blue world Michael was chasing up a lead on The Gemini Killer which led him to an empty building, luckily for him that empty building happened to be across the road from the now empty Montana Moving and Storage building, leading Michael to his first confrontation with The Gemini Killer. When Michael saw the Montana moving and storage co, it was another great moment of the reality's crossing over, in the two reality's the name meant two different things, in the blue one he just ripped off the metal sheeting door, wouldn't you need a warrant for that? I know in England you would.

The ending was brilliant with the Gemini killer getting away, not only that but his conversation with Michael would suggest that he knows more about him, like the situation he finds himself in with the red and blue world's, The Gemini Killer hinted towards the fact that things maybe similar for him. Normally cases are solved on a weekly basis but maybe we are going to get something like Person of Interest where one or maybe two bad guys keep recurring. The Gemini Killer didn't half make the blue reality seem like the real one, and it was that reality or dream which this episode and the ones before it focused on more. There really is no telling or guessing in this show which I love, and I've mentioned before that the weekly procedural drama is probably up there with most shows, but Awake goes one step further adding the Sci-Fi element and I'm really intrigued to see how it turns out.
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