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TV Review: AWAKE - Game Day 1.9

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Did you get anything out of Awake this week? I really didn’t, I’ve seen a mixed bunch of reviews some good, some bad and I have to agree with the bad ones. Awake lost my interest a couple of weeks ago, following “That’s not my Penguin” I was really expecting Awake to kick it up a notch, I really haven’t seen that and like last weeks “Nightswimming” I really found “Game Day” to be boring, uneventful and of no use what so ever to anything I want to know about this show. Will that do for you? Of course not so let’s continue.

“Game Day” is the first episode in a few weeks which has afforded equal amounts of time to both realities, as always there were two separate cases to be solved both of which cantered around a football game between L.A and Seattle, in one reality L.A won the game and in the other they lost. That resulted in a gambler having his business burnt to the ground by his wife and a fan being killed by his brother. Really, I didn’t care about either case I felt no investment to them at all and can only think they were there to serve as a filler to the story as always.

I suppose the main story this week was that of Rex and Emma (Daniela Bobadilla), who we found out was pregnant before the Britten’s got into the accident. A neat little twist that I didn’t see coming, probably because I’ve lost interest, I really find myself now just wanting to know which the reality is. There is probably some message there for the audience with the story in both the red and green dreams, the most pertinent of which belongs to the red one, where Michael lives with wife Hannah. The pregnancy of Emma will keep Hannah in L.A instead of moving to Oregon, remember during the early episodes she wanted another baby, so maybe having a grandchild will serve as the replacement for that.

What do you think of that storyline? For me I would rather have seen them move away to Oregon as that would have provided some answers – I think. Had they moved away and then Michael fell asleep and woke up in the green reality (the one which I think is not a dream) then that would be it, case closed. Of course at the end of this episode Michael didn’t tell Hannah, we are just to presume that is what he was going to tell her (unless I was asleep at that point), who’s to say that it will change her mind? They might still move to Oregon. I really don’t know, which is good I suppose, it keeps us guessing but I’m just not sure that I’m interested anymore.

I hear that the ratings on this show are low enough to suggest that it might not be picked up for a second season, personally I can see why as I don’t feel invested at all. I really hope that Awake can deliver some answers in the next couple of weeks and maybe even give us some bigger clue (unless we’ve had one I missed) as to which dream is real. I put a theory forward a couple of weeks back that both of these worlds we see now are dreams and that we are yet to see the reality, I’ve took a look at what the show creators and NBC say on that matter who confirm that one of them is not a dream, so what’s your vote red or green?

How you doing with Awake? Do you still think it’s full of mystery, are you still invested in the weekly lack of clues, or like me have you just about given up on what promised to be a very intriguing show that has failed to hold its audience base?
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