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Fox Cancel J.J. Abrams Alcatraz and Bones Spinoff The Finder

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Well, would you believe it? Yeah of course you would, American TV network Fox have cancelled Alcatraz and The Finder. It comes as no surprise really both shows were heavily advertised and a lot of money had been spent on production and casting, they expected to make big impacts with audiences, unfortunately that never really worked out for
either show.

Alcatraz went down as one of early 2012’s most anticipated TV shows when we done the list back in January and it premiered to a massive 10 million audience on May 11th, however it quickly became apparent that the show was not the J.J Abrams master class which Lost had provided us for six season and by its season finale Alcatraz’s ratings had dropped to just 4.75 million. I watched the entire first season of the show and can’t say that I’m disappointed about its cancellation, although J.J Abrams must have thought it would get that second season as the show never really provided the answers as to why all of these prisoners from 1963 were returning to modern day San Francisco.

The show was bought by UK TV and is currently airing on Watch, a subscription digital channel which doesn’t quite get the eyeballs to it just yet, they are working on it no doubt as they have bought quite a few big US shows including supernatural hit Grimm, currently in the UK we are up to “Guy Hastings”, hate to break it to the UK audience but
things don’t really get any better from here, still watching the show? Then why not check out all my Alcatraz reviews HERE.

Fox have also cancelled The Finder, the show which was created as spinoff from hit Bones. The Finder “Pilot” attracted quite an audience, no doubt due to the massive hit that is Bones, however it never really managed to keep its audience and was re-scheduled in Fox’s line up. I watched the first couple of episodes of the show and thought it was ok, but it was all just a little to cheesy after a while and I quickly gave it the brush off.

Alcatraz is produced by J.J Abrams' Bad Robot production company which means that other networks will have the opportunity to buy the show, on those viewing figures I don’t see that happening but maybe they could sell the idea to someone like Netflix who would see it as a flagship show to attract more subscriptions. The Finder on the other hand won’t have that luxury and will simply join TV’s scrapheap.
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