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TV Review: AWAKE - Say Hello to my Little Friend 1.11

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

You just couldn’t make this stuff up could you? The day following Awakes best ever episode NBC go and cancel the show meaning that it won’t be on their schedule next season, I really can’t say I’m to disappointed about that decision as Awake has been very poor in previous offerings in my opinion and “Say Hello to my Little Friend” is by far the best episode I can remember since the one with the Penguin. Don’t be expecting to much from this review, yes this was good but I also fell asleep at one point so maybe we will have to fill in some blanks. I would go back and watch it again but due to it being cancelled I really don’t see the point in covering this or the next two episodes in any great detail, so here goes;

Are you all thinking “red” along with me now? Following this episode and the few that have come before it “red" has been the order of the day and certainly seems to be the reality of the two dreams, but do you really think the answer would be that simple? I doubt it, and maybe we were right in the earlier episodes when we said that “green” is actually the reality, although there was one prominent remark made in this episode by the psychiatrist which resembles waking up from a dream that I think may well be the biggest clue yet.

It was during the scene at the fair ground when Michael, Rex and Emma went to do a spot of bungee jumping, before they had the chance to hook Michael up properly he slipped and fell off the rigg before waking back up in the red reality, in speaking with the shrink about it the fact was pointed out that its a typical dream state reaction, one which we can all pretty much relate to, I’m sure you have been there, I know I have when I feel like I’m falling then all of a sudden wake up with a fright. Maybe we are guessing right about the red reality maybe that is the real one.

The conspiracy end of the story finally reared it’s head this week with Michael discovering that the accident was in fact not an accident at all, more of an attempt on his and his family life. This for me was again pointing towards “red” being real as the entire conspiracy has taken place where Michael lives happily with Hannah, maybe though show creator Kyle Killen was looking for it to loop this way towards the end of the first season before changing the conspiracy to the “green” reality for the beginning of the second, after all the story in both is no different it just happens that Michael lives different lives in each.

I’m struggling to get behind the conspiracy story and to be honest I even found it hard going during this episode, probably the reason I fell asleep, but never mind there are now two episodes left to wrap this show up because as I mentioned above it has been cancelled, the question we all want the answer to still remains, which is real red or green? I’m sure that by the season finale that answer will be delivered, quite how they will deliver the answer we will have to wait and see, but for something so high in concept I expect the answer to be quite good even if the creators and writers have had to cut things short thanks to bad viewing figures.
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