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THE EXPENDABLES 2 Starring Just About Everyone From 80's Action Movies

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Out of all the movies that will be released this year, The Expendables 2 is the one which I’m probably most looking forward to. For me, the first movie was a whole lot of fun, nothing to serious just some good old 80’s action to eat popcorn and drink beer to, this one promises to be no different with even more 80’s action stars including Arnold Schwarzenegger (briefly in the first movie), Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris. The Expendables 2 is due in UK cinemas on 17th August 2012 and I for one can’t wait.

All of the cast from the original are back including Jason Statham, Jet Li, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Coture, Terry Crews and Bruce Willis. Added in for this adventure is a more feature length appearance for Arnie as I mentioned above, Van Damme is the bad guy, Chuck Norris is pulled from the set of Walker Texas Ranger to join The Expendables, Liam Hemsworth (The Avengers/Thor), Scott Adkins (a martial arts expert in just about every Van Damme straight to DVD movie these days) and finally there is a guest appearance from non other than Tennis player Novak Djockovic, quite why I don’t really know.

Check out Ahnuld's cheesy lines "I'm Back" and also his scene with Bruce Willis which looks very tongue in cheek when he rips the door off a Smart Car and tell Willis that his shoes are bigger than the car. This probably all goes in line with the surprising move to make The Expendables 2 a PG-13 movie, I think the English release will probably be rated 12, personally I think they should have just gone all out and got a 15 rating (that's R-Rated in America) at least but it will be refreshing to see a movie without an enormous amount of swear words. Check out the trailer below and then take a look at the plot following the video, enjoy.

Mr Church, the grumpy Bruce Willis assembles The Expendables (they aren’t superhero’s Bruce!) for what should be a quick mission and a very easy paycheck, however things go wrong and one of Van Damme’s cronies kills one of their team. The Expendables then go on a revenge mission and find themselves in enemy territory against an unexpected

Like the first movie The Expendables 2 really is one for the guys, with a $100m budget you can expect lots of shit to get blown up, loads of bullets will be wasted and some serious ass will be kicked.
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