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Movies Music & Television: Changing it Up!

Friday, 4 May 2012

From this!
 As you know I’m always looking to make Movies Music & Television better, not just for me but for you the regular readers and users. I’m always tweaking here and there in order to make the site as user friendly as possible and I think right now I have that down pretty
well, problem is when I look into my viewing and site navigation figures they don’t make for good reading, at least for me the owner of the site. So, how can I improve for both me and you?

Well there are going to be some changes, as you know the Internet is always evolving and as a website that likes to keep its readers whilst also adding new ones that means that I have to change too. Google is the biggest link into this site, I’m lucky enough to make front page with a few things whilst others are more random. Recently Google have
changed the goal posts in relation to their search algorithm, the aim of course is to rid their search engine of junk which is put out by Internet spammers, people who use SEO (Search Engine Optmization) to their advantage and stuff their articles with “keywords” that they hope will rocket them to the top of the search engines. I for one am pleased Google are looking to get rid of this spammy junk, as personally I think Movies Music & Television do not do that. Yeah there are adverts here but nothing that’s in your face and I’m not trying to sell you things all the time. I do say that I don’t do this for free, so the adverts are my wages so to speak.

As well as weeding out the junk Google also want to see quality websites being built which offer a better user experience, now like Google that one is top of my list. I want to make sure that when you come here it’s a good experience and that you stick around to see what I have to say on various issues. I would also like to see more direct traffic coming from Google, Yahoo and Bing by way of people typing our name into their search engines, this shows them that people want to see what I write and when they get here they want to stick around for a while.

The way the site is set up right now offers users a good experience I fell, but I also think it could be better, not being an SEO expert I don’t particularly optimise for Google and the other search engines, I tend to just play around with post titles and see how things go. That works ok for me but recently I have lost a lot of traffic which has got me thinking about the user experience here on the site and how easy it is to navigate to various articles.

To this!
 Currently most people visiting the site never actually go to the home page, they land on various pages thanks to Google and from there they have a few options to visit other articles via the links at the bottom of that post, the popular post feature on the right sidebar and some picture links down on the left. For me looking at how sites move on
and change with the times I’m a little behind in terms of how slick things look and how easy articles are to read.

So to cut that very long story short I will be changing the way things look right now and as of this weekend I will be running a new template here on the blog. If your interested in seeing how it will look then go HERE (remember all the widgets are not added as yet) and visit our test blog, if you would rather wait for the surprise then do that but whatever you do be sure to come back because the new site is going to look amazing, very professional, very slick, very easy to navigate and it will be a brilliant experience for you as the user whilst also being full of great quality. I’ll be here as always until then with all your regular posts and I look forward to the weekend. As always don't forget to leave me with your feedback, don't like what you see? Then don't be shy in telling me, if you have any suggestions then feel free to drop me a line in the comments, all are welcome and I always take on borad your views.

PS: - I will probably change it tomorrow for the weekly Person of Interest review.
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