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TV Previews: GAME OF THRONES - The Old Gods and the New 2.6, NYC 22 - Lost and Found 1.4, AWAKE - Say Hello to My Little Friend 1.11 and PERSON OF INTEREST - No Good Deed 1.22

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Movies Music & Television here as always with all your favourite US TV show previews in one place, don't bother re-typing everything with YouTube when everything is here in one place for you and make sure sure you don't miss out on all the latest by following us on Facebook or Twitter, on with the promo's now;

Game of Thrones is the first one up as always, without doubt one of the best shows on TV right now. Like I said last week the only reason I stopped reviewing it was the fact that there is so much going on, so many different people involved and I really didn't feel like I could give it a fair write up. Things have certainly become more interesting in the last couple of weeks when that lady who was wondering through the red wasteland has shown up in one of the kingdoms. Looking at this week that story is no different and Game of Thrones seems on it's way back up as all the Kings and Queens look to stake their claim on the Iron Throne.

NYC 22 is a show which dropped majorly in my estimation during it's second episode, if you caught last weeks preview of "Thugs and Lovers" then you'll know I said things were looking a little better there, having said that I still haven't watched that episode yet and I'm struggling to find a decent enough reason to put it on, was it any good? Maybe if someone fills me with some confidence regarding it I could tolerate 40 minutes or so, if not then I think NYC 22 may just fall by the wayside for me. Take a look at the latest promo for "Lost and Found" and see what you think, It's only had 647 hits on YouTube (at the time of writing) which really does not speak volumes.

Onto Awake now a show which has been disappointing me recently, I do think it has a great concept but I feel like its stepped away from that recently, Now I'm going to have to get on and watch the previous episode "Slack Water" as this most recent preview of "Say Hello to My Little Friend" really does look impressive. Awake seems like it's finally going to start giving us some answers whilst the plot also thickens at the same time. I did try to watch "Slack Water" last night but fell asleep but be assured I'll be on it tonight and will have the review for you tomorrow, in the mean time enjoy this weeks promo.

Person of Interest for you now, the show which just keeps getting better and better with Last week's "Many Happy Returns" being one of my favourite episodes yet. We know that POI will be rolling into a second season which will probably start around September time along with Dexter, Homeland and The Walking Dead so you can be sure that in this the penultimate episode "No Good Deed" that J.J. Abrams will be packing a punch. Yet more character development seems to be afforded to the machine here as Reese and Finch fight to protect everything they have built up , enjoy.

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