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TV Trailer: THE FOLLOWING Coming to Fox in 2012 Starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy

Sunday, 20 May 2012

You may remember last week when we were talking about Keifer Sutherland's Touch getting renewed, tagged onto the end of that article was news that Fox had picked up a new serial killer thriller called The Following which stars James Purefoy and non other than Hollywood A-Lister Kevin Bacon. That alone would be enough to get anyone's interest, it sure got mine and earlier in the week Fox released a four minute trailer for the show which as yet has not been given a date or time slot. The Following was originally scheduled as a mid-season show but from what I've heard Fox are holding off for now meaning that we are likely to see this in September time along with J.J. Abrams new show Revolution.

Now that looks really good doesn't it? And is it any wonder considering who is starring? One thing I'm not sure on is how many seasons it can go on for but I guess we'll get a better gage on that once the series starts.

As you've probably guessed The Following follows the story of Kevin Bacon a retired FBI agent who is brought out of retirement when a serial killer who he put inside escapes from prison. Not only does the killer (James Purefoy) escape, he also goes about a little social networking and gains himself a following of sorts. From the trailer it looks like he is captured pretty quick, but unfortunately for the FBI his ways have rubbed off on his followers and now the FBI must get inside his mind whilst also tracking down his fans.

It does look really good and and you can be sure I will be checking it out and letting you know what I think. How about you? Will you be checking out The Following?
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