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TV Review: AWAKE - Slack Water 1.10

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I may as well start by telling you that this is going to be a pretty short review, without doubt this is the worst episode of Awake yet. The show has been frustrating me in recent weeks with nothing of any real significance happening, there are only three episodes left in this debut season now and what started off as a promising new show has quickly gone down hill for me. I would say so far "That's Not My Penguin" has been the best episode, it was certainly the last one which seemed to give us any sort of answer. You may have caught the previews earlier this week and in all honesty Awake looks like it will be brilliant on Thursday night, I'm just not holding my breath.

I said a couple of weeks back following another poor episode that I want the answer to two things. Firstly, the conspiracy surrounding Michael Britten's car accident and secondly, the answer to which dream is in fact not a dream. If anything "Slack Water" gave us a little more info regarding the conspiracy as we now know that it has something to do with a rather large amount of Heroin that someone wants out of L.A. Problem is they can't move the Heroin until Michael Britten moves to Oregon, that's all going on in the red dream which this episode seemed to concentrate on.

The conspiracy was only touched upon briefly and the rest of the episode remained in the red dream but concentrated on Rex's girlfriend, Emma, that's her name, didn't think I'd remember that. Emma is pregnant with Rex's baby and seems to have turned to both Michael and Hannah for support, she clearly wants to keep the baby and have the Britten's involved, however her parents have other ideas on what she should do both with the pregnancy and her life. In the red reality I think that Emma will be moving in with the Britten's, really I don't find that interesting at all, but it will be interesting (I hope) to see where they take the story.

Red seems to have become more prominent in the last couple of weeks, and after seeing next weeks preview It would seem to lean towards the red one even further. Personally, I still think Green is real, although nothing has pointed firmly in either direction. I certainly hope that this part of the story line is done with by the end of the first season because if (and it's a big if) Awake gets a second season I don't think I could take the bore of not knowing for much longer.

I really think Awake should be kicking in a bit more right now, I look at Person of Interest and don't remember the last time I saw an episode which I considered not that good, it's run in has been solid. Awake has had three maybe four episodes which really got me thinking the others just haven't quite cut it. Awake did have a lot of potential and I hope the three episodes we have coming up go up a gear and start to impress me a little.
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