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WEEKLY CINEMA: General Aladeen travels to the States and The best action Movie in Years

Friday, 18 May 2012

There are a couple of new movies out this week that I want to talk about, the rest are french or foreign movies which if your like me probably won't interest you at all. All the cinema buzz still surrounds The Avengers right now but this week sees the release of two movies, both of which promise not to disappoint. So, first off we'll check out General Aladeen of Wadeya who is off on his travels (well kidnapped actually) to America and then we are going to look at an Indonesian movie which critics are saying is the biggest and most fearsome action film to hit our screens in years, there is no order to the movies this week as I can't choose between them. I will be making an effort to get to both of these movies.

I'll start with The Dictator, the newest comedy brought to us by British stand up comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, we all now Sacha by now, or Ali G, Borat, Bruno what ever you want to call him but you can be sure that whilst being in the comedy genre that this movie will be making a point somewhere down the line. The Dictator also stars Anna Faris and Ben Kingsly.

 Cohen plays Admiral General Aladeen of Wadeya, a fictional North African country. Aladeen is a ruthless Dictator who kills anyone who dares disagree with him, the order is given to his guards by way of his signature head chop signal. Aladeen is summoned to the UN in order to address concerns they have regarding his nuclear program, arriving at the UN headquarters in New York Aladeen is kidnapped and thrown out onto the streets of the US before being replaced by an impostor who can open up Wadeya's oil reserves for business.

I do like Sacha Baron Cohen and from the trailer The Dictator does look very, very funny. I really enjoyed Borat, have never seen Bruno and thought Ali G In Da House was ridiculous, on saying that I still laughed though and if the following three minute trailer fails to give you a chuckle then you need to lighten up a little.

Now I'll move onto The Raid: Redemption, the newest action movie to come out of Indonesia and one of the most action packed ass kicking movies in decades if you are to believe what critics are saying. The Raid stars Iko Uwais, Ananda George and Ray Sahetapy.

Indonesian Title: Serbuan Maut

The Raid is set in Indonesia as you would expect and is based in the Capital City of Jakarta where a derelict apartment building has become a no-go area for locals and even the police. Ruthless crime lord Tama Riyadi (Ray Sahetapy) has taken over the building and runs his criminal empire from the confines whilst the building has become a safe house for the city's most dangerous Gangsters and killers. Finally having enough the police infiltrate the apartment block under the cover of darkness with a 20 man strong SWAT team, from that point the action is non-stop with loads of gun battles, explosions and the traditional Indonesian Martial Art of Pencak Silat on display.

The Raid is in subtitles for us who only speak English, but I wouldn't let that put you off this movie really does look good and when there is this much kick ass involved do you really need to know what's being said anyway? I don't, that's for sure and I will hopefully be checking this movie out soon, in the mean time check out the trailer below. I promise it won't disappoint.

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