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TV Review: REVOLUTION - Who Turned Out The Lights? I Don't Think Anyone Cares Anymore!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

So, who turned out the lights? Problem is for Revolution and NBC I really don’t think me or many other people care any more. Revolution started with an impressive “Pilot” episode but has failed to deliver since that point for me, with the exception of “The Plague Dogs” this really has been a poor showing with the last three episodes “Soul Train”, Sex and Drugs” and this weeks “The Children’s Crusade” serving up very little in the way of story or any excitement. I’m not even going to bother recapping what went on in all of those episodes as I really don’t remember but it’s fair to say that they have been poor.

What Revolution has achieved is hiring Tracey Spiridakos who plays Charlie in the show, easily one of the worst actors on TV right now, it’s a good job she’s pretty hot really, although she is not my cup of tea, so to speak I’m sure there are guys watching this show solely because she is on screen every week. I actually think her brother Danny is going to become more prominent to the story and the guy who plays him is a lot better actor than what she is, they really should focus on giving him a little more screen time. On saying that it looks as if that will be the case going into the fourth episode as in the latest we spent a little more time at Monroe HQ with Rachel, the mother of Danny and Charlie who is of course still alive, shock horror, I don’t think anyone really cared all that much.

In all honesty it did bring a little something to the dynamic of the show when it was revealed that Rachael was still alive, especially when we found out that she knew a little more than she was letting on about how the electricity went out. The latest episode has explained via flashbacks that Ben was working on something with a group of other people including his wife Rachael which would provide clean energy, problem is that back fired and what they discovered was that their device actually inhibited energy and caused all electronic devices to stop working, it actually wasn’t a bad bit of the story to come out especially as it has yet to give away who is actually responsible for the power going out. Ultimately it’s down to Ben I guess for creating whatever the little pendant thing is but the government gave him a contract the moment the discovered what he created, why? Even Rachael was a little suspicious of selling off their invention to higher powers, fearing they would use it as a weapon. Turns out she may just have been right.

I’m really not into the story of Miles, Charlie and the dude with the beard heading across America (although it has a new name in the show) to find her brother, they keep stumbling across little problems which mainly see them battling with their emotions, none of which I have found all that impressive up to now. I wouldn’t even say I enjoy it that much when Miles (Billy Burke) kicks ass, don’t get me wrong he is pretty good at it but the action kind of reminds me of that Will Smith movie Wild Wild West (yes the one he turned down the part of Neo in The Matrix for), believe it or not I actually turned that movie off after 20 minutes, but for some reason I keep watching Revolution week on week.

Miles even discovered during this episode that the power is able to be turned back on, thanks to the guy with the beard who this week decided to power up an entire light house, quite why he done it wasn’t really explained, well if it was I didn’t get it, but all I can think is that he done it because Miles and Charlie were in a bit of quandary and needed a shock factor to help them get out of it. Now that Miles knows that the power can be turned back on it will be interesting to see if his attitude changes any towards what the group are trying to achieve.

We are now approaching the eighth episode of Revolution and I find myself stuck in the same quandary I did with Awake, Alcatraz and Terra Nova, I have watched it this far so why stop now? There are only four episodes left of its debut season, may as well watch them I suppose. What will follow though? Will Revolution get a second season order at NBC? I think they are going to have to come up with some major goods in the next few episodes in order for that to happen. Who knows, J.J. Abrams may well already have one in the bag, but I’m not holding my breath, if it does get a second season then I’m not entirely sure I will be watching it. What you can be sure of is that I will watch the remaining episodes of this season and will let you know what I think when it’s done.
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