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TV Review: DEXTER - Do the Wrong Thing 7.6

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

As always after watching Dexter I turn to some reviews of the episode, in this case that episode was “Do the Wrong Thing”. Another solid episode of season 7 which continues to get better and better, one of the reviews I read actually says that this season may be even better than the fourth with John Lithgow’s now almost legendary Trinity killer. I haven’t seen season 4 so I can’t compare, but what I am getting this season especially after this episode is shades of both seasons 2 and 5, why? Thanks to Miss Strahovski of course, the beautiful Hannah McKay who Dexter got to grips with this week in a rather hands on moment. Lila (season 2) or Lumen (season 5)? I have said in reviews all along that she would probably turn out to be a loony like season 2’s Lila, I still stand by that but Dexter unwrapped her from his table in this episode after around forty minutes of dialogue between them which now puts her more in the light of Lumen.

Lumen (Julia Stiles) even got herself a mention in this week’s episode as the great “chats” between Dexter and Debra continued with her grilling him on moving Lumen into the house where the Trinity killer killed Rita. I still think that Hannah is going to prove more of a Lila type who Dexter will eventually have to deal with, lets just hope its another good few episodes yet because lets be honest guys we wouldn’t mind seeing that every week would we? She was in that TV show Chuck apparently, never seen it but feel a box set coming on!

Going back again to last weeks “Swim Deep” I said that I was going to miss Ukrainian Mob boss Issak Sirko (Ray Stevenson), the guy is a real power house actor in my opinion and he has certainly brought some intensity to scenes which involve him and Dexter. Last week it looked like his story was all done and dusted, but the writers have thought up something even better, keep Issak Sirko, get him off at trial and get Joey Quinn to help, finally something for Quinn to do other than meaningless stories which are not involved in the plot, he had that in season 5 remember? With his theory that Dexter is odd, whatever gave him that idea?

I actually like that they have done that because Dexter now has a whole host of problems coming at him from different angles, the Bay Harbour Butcher case, Debra, Hannah, Issak and now Quinn who doesn’t seem to know what he’s getting himself into. I don’t like it because I want Dexter to get caught, I like it because Dexter is best when he is having to think fast. Like I mentioned above I have read other reviews one which states that the writers are giving us a nod during this episode that they will be killing off Angel Batista, I hope their wrong but you can’t help but think that Quinn is going to go and do something stupid resulting in him being responsible for Batista’s exit from the show.

There has not been an episode yet that I have thought was just ok, all of season 7’s offerings up to now have been brilliant episodes leaving you wanting more every week. I can’t wait for Issak Sirko to come back into the main story fold and at this point Dexter is so unpredictable its hard to see where they are going to be when we get to the season finale, we know there is an eighth season of course but Dexter certainly has some holes to get out of by the time we get there. Roll on season 7 and next week’s “Chemistry”, I can’t wait.
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