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TV Overview: REVOLUTION Mid-Season Finale - Nobody's Fault But Mine 1.10

Sunday, 25 November 2012

I have talked plenty about J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi drama Revolution, I reviewed everything from the “Pilot” to the fourth episode, following its third offer “No Quarter” I was wondering and posing the question, will this show get any better? Turns out after that episode it did improve slightly when it delivered episode 4 “The Plague Dogs”, a very impressive character based episode which gave me a feeling that maybe things were just going to get a little better from here on in, unfortunately that was not the case and I didn’t talk about Revolution again until maybe the seventh or eighth episode, I don’t remember the name of the episode, and to be quite honest I don’t really care, if you remember though I titled my review – who turned out the light’s? I don’t think anyone cares anymore. That was basically a review of a handful of episodes, none of which had filled me with any confidence that Revolution was going to serve up anything decent.

With shows like Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue having just been cancelled I was wondering that since we are heading towards the season finale of Revolution would it suffer the same fate. No, it won’t is the short answer to that. The reason, well it’s only the mid-season finale before Revolution takes a four month hiatus from our screens, it will return in March 2013 with the remaining twelve episodes of its first season, giving it a total of twenty two episodes. Now I have to say that reviews have been mixed on the show, mine certainly have, well actually I only gave it one decent write up the rest have all concerned the negative factors. Problem is I’m bored with this show after ten episodes, and I’m wondering will any one bother returning to the show after such a long break.

NBC seem to have a thing for doing this, they done the same with The Event, and another network tried it with FlashForward, both of which I thought were better than Revolution, but that’s by the by now. Ratings would suggest that people will be back to see what happens, Revolution’s “Pilot” was directed by Iron Man master John Favreau and attracted almost 24 million viewers across America and Canada, the same went for the shows encore a couple of nights later, even after the ninth episode (again, I don’t remember the name) Revolution is still attracting over 12 million viewers (almost Dexter territory). I just wonder how many of those 12 million plus will be back after such a long break and new shows to come in January. NBC see this as a good thing as they believe that people who are not already watching may go and watch a box set or online streaming, and they hope that will garner up more interest for its return to our screens.

Revolution does have its good points, Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito would be top of that list with the young kid being held hostage by the Monroe Republic coming a very close second (somebody Matheson). But unfortunately for me the shows bad points far out weigh the good ones, Tracey Spiridakos for instance, would be more at home starring in a low budget made for SyFy horror movie, her skills do not sit with the a for mentioned Giancarlo’s. And then there is the fact that nine episodes in and I still don’t feel attached to any of the characters, I watch it weekly and simply go through the motions.

The mid-season finale looks like it will be quite good, probably to make sure you come back to watch some more, but seriously though, it looks like General Monroe is going to have the power to turn the electricity back on, meaning that he can unleash his arsenal of helicopters and tanks on the various other countries that have now formed in what was the United States, I suppose that could get interesting, but we’ll have to wait and find out I guess. As I’ve watched it this far then I suppose it’s only fair to come back and see what it has to offer, but one things for sure I won’t be going back over the previous episodes in order to have myself caught up. How about you? What do you think of Revolution? Do you watch the show? And, will you be back for more?
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