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Top Movie CAR CHASES - Guest Post

Thursday, 22 November 2012

What have been some of the best movie car chases of all time? A great car chase can be one of the most memorable parts of a film, and range from more low key, realistic chases, through to physics defying races and pursuits. Some of the best car chases tend to lean towards the former, with the assumption that they could at least be possible in the right conditions. With this in mind, the following list represents some of my favourite movie car chases of all time, which are listed in no particular order: 

Batman pursues the Joker through the streets of Gotham as a police escort tries to save Harvey Dent. Armoured trucks, a Batmobile transforming into a motorcycle, and even a helicopter get in on the action in a sequence that is marked by the sheer physical weight of the forces involved. 

Bullitt, 1968 

This iconic Steve McQueen film sees him take a Mustang on a chase with a Charger through the streets of San Francisco. Buses, cars, and the laws of physics are threatened in this classic chase. 

The Blues Brothers, 1980 

A film full of great car chases, including a collapsing bridge, and a major pile up, The Blues Brothers also sees heroes Jake and Elwood evade the police in a shopping mall, crashing through stores and windows in the process. 

The Italian Job, 1969 

Mini Coopers are the star in this classic crime heist, with Michael Caine’s gang of bank robbers converging on Turin for an extended race against the Italian police. The 2003 remake of the film took a similar approach with the new Mini Cooper S. 

The French Connection, 1971 

Detective Popeye Doyle goes head to head with a speeding train in New York in this crime thriller, trying to keep it in sights as he dodges obstacles below the raised tracks. 

Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991 

Another great example of practical effects mixing with CGI, Terminator 2 sees a three way chase between John Connor’s dirt bike, the Terminator’s motorcycle, and the liquid nitrogen T1000’s truck through the tunnels of Los Angeles. 

Ronin, 1998 

A car chase dominated crime film reaches its high point as Robert De Niro and his gang embark on a cross-Paris trip through tunnels and traffic, with director John Frankenheimer using mostly practical effects. Most of the actors were also placed inside the stunt cars. 

The Bourne Identity, 2002 

Another appearance for the Mini Cooper, this time in the hands of Jason Bourne as he attempts to lose the police on the streets of Paris, which includes driving down a flight of stairs. 

The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977 

James Bond has been involved in some memorable car chases, but few have matched the transformation of a speeding Lotus into a submarine as it crashes into the ocean. Maybe not the most realistic addition to the list, but there had to be a place for Bond somewhere. 

Vanishing Point, 1971 

One of the best road movies of all time sees a 1970 Dodge Challenger engage in a movie-long race across American highways.
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