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A Distinct Lack of Enthusiasm

Friday, 2 November 2012

You may have noticed recently that I have not been doing much writing, the reason for this? Well, as stated above I am suffering from a distinct lack of enthusiasm right now. Truth is, I have not really been enjoying writing lately, my latest Person of Interest review was a real trawl for me, not because I didn’t enjoy the show I just could not be bothered to sit down and come up with 800 words (which I eventually did) to say something about the show. Even Dexter has suffered lately as the last two episodes “Run” and “Swim Deep” have not been reviewed, again I feel no real desire to go and write anything.

If you come here often then you’ll know that I make no secret of the fact that I’m not a writer, I feel I do a decent enough job but I’m realistic and know that I won’t be getting calls to do anything on a professional level anytime soon. I set up this blog/website whatever you want to call it two years ago now, initially like many other bloggers that was to make money, I didn’t really care to much about writing. As it went on I actually enjoyed the writing side of things more, that enjoyment has slipped in recent weeks/months and I just don’t feel as if it’s worth my time putting in as much effort as I do. As for the money, well that’s just laughable really especially after two years of doing this. You want know? Ok, in two years this website has earned me the grand total of £35, that’s it people, now do you see why I’m suffering from this distinct lack of enthusiasm?

I have actually had an excuse, as I have a lot going on right now in relation to my job and due to some commitments I had no time to write anything for the site. That is now done though and I find myself with the time to write, only problem is I just don’t feel like it. That’s what they say right? If you’re not enjoying it then don’t do it. That of course relates to hobbies as some people don’t actually enjoy their jobs but have to do it for money. For me I’m not enjoying blogging right now, and I’m not exactly needing it as a source of income, good job huh!

Am I going to give up writing? I wouldn’t say that, I keep getting things in my head but then open up my laptop and decide against it, but I haven’t given up just yet and I will be writing probably just not as often. I of course have not given up on this website, I am really proud of what I have built here at Movies Music & Television and don’t feel like I should give up on it. I will be renewing the .COM address as it is worth something, so unless I get a decent offer money wise I won’t be selling it.

I am currently considering my options, looking around at a few things (online of course) and deciding what I am going to do and how I am going to move forward with the site and writing in general. I’ll keep you posted and may try to garner up some discussion following this weeks Person of Interest.
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