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WALKING DEAD: What's Next? - Guest Post

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The final scene at the end of the second season of "The Walking Dead" overjoyed fans of the long running comic book and caused newcomers to the material to instantly begin buzzing about the mysterious cloaked figure. Because it is practically impossible to avoid spoilers on the Internet, the majority of the show's non-comic book fans quickly discovered that the person in the cloak was none other than fan favorite Michonne. Her upcoming full introduction in the third season has fans eagerly counting down the days until the season premiere, as does the pending introduction of The Governor, most commonly referred to as the nastiest character of the entire series.

What Can Fans Expect from Season Three?

The third season will find the group of survivors seeking asylum in a large prison. Although there will be a lot of zombies to contend with, Rick and the rest of the group will be all too tempted by the lure of a fully enclosed safe haven, and they will take whatever steps are necessary to fortify their new home. Unfortunately, the prison's entire human population will not have cleared out when the zombie apocalypse hit, so there will be some interesting issues brought into play by these new characters.

Michonne will prove to be both an invaluable fighting ally and an unstable individual. Her penchant for chopping heads off will definitely endear her to those who consider the zombies to be their biggest threat, but some of the other characters will see her as a personal threat. This will cause a strain on some of the currently established relationship dynamics, and it will help the show retain its important core of human emotions.

Daryl's brother Merle will return to the scene, and it is a given that he will be looking for revenge. Although Daryl does feel a very strong tie to several of the other survivors in the group, especially Carol, his familial tie is strong, so it will be especially interesting to see what choices his character makes.

How will the Show Differ from the Comic Books?

Fans of the comic book have been buzzing since the very first episode about how difficult this particular season would be to faithfully adapt for television. The comic book was always dark, but as soon as The Governor was introduced things took a drastic turn for the worse. It will be interesting to see how far the show's creative team is willing to go, but it is almost guaranteed that some of the harsher elements from the comic book will either be skipped or downplayed. As an example, there was an extended sequence in the comic book in which one of the female characters was brutally beaten and raped multiple times. It is difficult to conceive of this occurring on the TV show, but
AMC has not shied away from gore or difficult topics yet, so they might surprise the viewers with just how much they decide to include.

It will also be very interesting to see whether or not Rick makes it through the season with both of his hands intact. If the show is going to follow the comic book, then one of his hands has to be forcibly removed. The show's creators might choose to skip this, however, if only to avoid having to put two of their actors through the process of working with only one hand.

Basic Season Three Information

The first episode of the third season will debut on October 14, 2012. The new season will be split in half, with eight episodes airing this fall and the following eight airing in the spring.

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