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TV News: DANIEL CRAIG Will Star In Two More JAMES BOND Moives

Saturday, 8 September 2012

It’s great news for fans of the James Bond franchise this week as its been officially confirmed that Daniel Craig, who in 2006 signed up for his licence to kill in three bond movies has now signed to star as Britain’s favourite secret agent in another two, which like the previous ones will be financed by MGM and Sony pictures. The movies will put Daniel Craig into third on the list behind Roger Moore, who played Bond seven times and Sean Connery who played Bond on six occasions (plus one unofficial Bond movie Never Say Never Again). Craig will make it five movies taking over his predecessor Pierce Brosnan who made four.

Personally I see this as great news, for me Daniel Craig has totally re-invented the Bond franchise. I wouldn’t say I’ve been the biggest fan of Bond movies in the past, in fact I haven’t seen most of them. My main squeeze would have to have been the Sean Connery era if any, I’ve only seen Die Another Day from the Pierce Brosnan days and I made my feelings clear on that one a while back now.

2006’s Casino Royale really saw Bond taken back to how it should be, no silly gadgets just pure kick ass action with an actor in Daniel Craig who really did look like he could kick serious ass, the love story was still there as it is in all Bond outings but being the prequel it showed us why Bond dealt with the lady’s in the latter (although made before) movies. Two years later 2008 saw the release of Quantum of Solace, panned by some critics as disappointing and not as good as the first, I don’t share that opinion I think Quantum of Solace was every bit as good and you can check out my thoughts on proceedings here.

In October this year Craig’s third outing as Bond will be released in the UK. Skyfall comes four years after Quantum of Solace and in the mean time Daniel has been off getting married to Rachael Weisz and making other movies such as The Invasion which I reviewed a while back, an unusually long break thanks to MGM’s financial troubles of late, however writers and producers are glad of the break as they feel they’ve had more time to do a “proper” job on the movie which I posted the trailer for a while ago, all the regulars will be back including Judi Dench as M. New people are coming into the mix with “Q” back in the Bond franchise for the first time since the days of Brosnan and will be played by Ben Wishaw, and there is a new bad guy in the shape of Javier Bardem.

Personally I can’t wait for Skyfall, one of 2012’s most anticipated movies and Daniel Craig signing on for another two Bond movies is not a bad thing in my opinion.
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