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Movie Review: DIE HARD 4.0 LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD Starring Bruce Willis

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Yeah, sorry I haven’t been around for the last couple of days, but hey, I do have other stuff to do in the “real world” away from this blogging lark. Never mind normality of posting should restore soon (next week) as all the good TV is about to start. Come here often? Then you know that I have not been watching much TV lately, still though I have had plenty of movies to get through including this surprise addition to the Die Hard franchise which I originally saw a few years ago, this time around I caught it on TV and have to say I enjoyed it every bit as much as I did the first time round.
Starring: Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant and Maggie Q
The Plot
It’s yet another boring day at the office for New York veteran detective John McClane, that is until the FBI don’t have anyone around in their local field office to go pick up a computer hacker who may be responsible for hacking their Cyber Crime Division. Who gets the job? You guessed it, John McClane, however law enforcement are not the only people after young computer Hacker Farrell (Justin Long) who helped a psycho cyber terrorist out with some computer code which would help him pretty much shut down the US. Arriving at the scene to pick up Farrell shots begin to get fired, McClane gets the kid out but is the new technology involved all a little to much for him?
The Verdict
First off, is it just me or does Bruce Willis keep getting cooler the older he gets? A 50 something guy who still kicks serious ass and shouts Yippe Ki Yay Motherf***** like he is in his early 30’s. You gotta hand it to Bruce the guy can still kick it with the kids and teach them a thing or two about being cool while he’s at it.
As for Die Hard 4.0, or Live Free or Die Hard, depending on whether or not you watched the American release of the movie, you get pretty much what you would expect from a Die Hard movie, loads of action along with some witty one liners. Willis, as we know is good at the one line comedy act, add in funny man Justin Long then you have a pretty good winning formula, especially as Long shows here that he is no one trick pony, action, comedy, drama, he can handle them all and does a great job in this movie. It’s a proper action movie just like the original Die Hard franchise, only this time its been updated to give it that 21st century feel. It doesn’t take that feel over the top though, the CGI is handled well and most of the combat action is done hand to hand as it would have been in the originals with people doing real stunts, it certainly adds to the realism.
In an action movie you need a good bad guy, or girl of course and in Die Hard 4.0 we are provided with both. I’ll be honest I’m not the biggest Timothy Olyphant fan, here the guy does ok but he is more the stand and shout the order to his “runners” with guns type of guy. The real bad girl kick ass action comes of course from Maggie Q, she has done it plenty times before (see Nikita and Mission Impossible III) and certainly hands Mr Willis his ass on a plate in this movie. Maggie is the real villain here for me, Mr Olyphant is way to posh to pull this kind of stuff off, although he is very good a staring intensely at things or people.
I say this all the time when doing movie reviews but here it is again, if its a popcorn Saturday night on the sofa you want and you can’t be bothered to use your brain to much then Die Hard 4.0 will be right up your street.
Would I watch it again?
Oh yes, you can be sure of that.

More evidence that Bruce Willis is a funny guy.

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