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TV Review: PERSON OF INTEREST - Til Death 2.8

Sunday, 9 December 2012

I have to apologise here first off, Person of Interest, or rather IMDB duped me this week, I got hold of the latest Person of Interest (2.9 C.O.D) and was ready to go ahead and watch it last night thinking Thursday gone was it’s first return to CBS since episode 7 “Critical”, at least that’s what IMDB told me. I thought the numbers looked a bit off so I checked and yeah, I missed one, this one in fact, turns out it was on last week. Never mind I’m back on schedule now and it’s a bonus for you, as you will get two Person of Interest reviews this weeks starting with “Til Death”.

I don’t know whether it’s the fact I have had a two week break from this show or whether it’s the fact that Dexter’s seventh season has been so good, but I found “Til Death” a bit of a chore. Nothing was really going on in this episode which was all about love, fate and the choices that we make in life. For our main man Finch that “choice” was quite a big one, faking his own death in order to protect Grace from ever knowing about the machine, Finch’s backing story is always one which I love to see, he is still surrounded in mystery just as he was in Lost and that really lends to his character for me, following this episode I really don’t think we are any closer to finding out that much about the guy, other than he was, and still is deeply in love with Grace. It will be interesting to see where they take this, will he reveal all to her? I’d say he’s got some major explaining to do if he does, and it would probably become a weakness for him if he brings her into the fold.

There was nothing going on this week with the main story of the show, the machine, corrupt HR, nothing. I did think for a brief moment that Fusco was finally going to get rumbled by Reese for joining in with his past shady ways once again, but that would have been too quick. I can’t help but think that Fusco’s dealings with HR are going to have some sort of come back on Finch, Resse or even Carter landing them in some sort of sticky situation probably towards the end of the season. Although, whilst were on the subject of “love” Fusco was having a little dating action himself this week, who knows, maybe that woman could turn him on the right path and Fusco could go straight once and for all.

Carter also found time for a little “love” this week with her fellow detective and Jamie Foxx look-alike asking her out to dinner, now that’s a role I had pinned down for Reese, I always thought our man in the suit would be the one who ended up dating Carter. Of course, at this time it’s only dinner, it might not even work out for her. It was nice to see everyone involved this week with the weekly procedural. The story was a bit lame but at least it was backed up by some decent acting talent in Mark Pellagrino, he and his hot shot wife had taken out contracts on each others lives only to be sat down at the end of the episode and be given some relationship advice from Mr Smooth himself John Reese. Reese is the only character who was not really delved into this week (unless I missed something), I don’t know why but I’m sure more will be coming about the mystery man in coming episodes.

Like I said above “Til Death” was all a bit of a chore for me, we seemed to be coming out of a lull of Person of interest episodes after “The High Road”, but this seems to have taken us back to square one. I know it will get better because there are so many avenues to be explored, I guess we should remember sometimes that POI has over 20 episodes in a season, from “Wolf and Cub” onwards in the first season it did not come up for air with one brilliant episode after another I just hope season 2 goes on to do the same. How about you? What did you think of this episode of Person of Interest? Your comments are welcome as always.
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