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TV Review: DEXTER - Do You See What I See? 7.11

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

As you know I have been missing Ray Stevenson’s Issak Sirko from Dexter, last week just wasn’t the same in what has been a brilliant season so far. Turns out, we were all too quick to judge because in “Do You See What I See?” I think Dexter went about delivering us with one of its best episodes this season. I am genuinely sitting with bated breath to see what is going to happened in next week’s finale “Surprise Motherf**ker”. The seasons big bad seemed so obvious at the beginning of season 7 but now it looks like Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) will take that role as this week Dexter had her busted for the murder of Sal Price. Many think that producers have also given us a nod that a big character will be killed off by the end of this season, we know Batista will be leaving, but how?

I thought a little way into this episode that maybe the review I read last week could be right, would they kill off Debra? I suppose they still could but now that Hannah McKay is behind bars, any immediate threat to her is already quashed. Deb will be gunning for La Guerta in the season finale that’s for sure, she has promised Dexter that Harrison will not grow up without a father, that could really put her in the firing line to be either shot or arrested, she is an accessory to murder remember? Debra has also helped Dexter plant all of the evidence in the boat house to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Sgt James Doakes was the Bay Harbour Butcher.

What is going to be interested going into the season finale is seeing whether or not Hannah will keep quiet about Dexter, other than Debra she is the only one who knows who he really is. It was brilliant the way they started the episode, Dexter 15 years on living happily ever after with Hannah, whilst a teenage Harrison stepped out for Basketball practice. Dexter was allowing himself to imagine the future for the first time, a future which included he and Hannah being “normal”, a thought that Dexter has never allowed to enter his head, even when he was with Rita. I so wanted to believe that Hannah was not responsible for spiking Deb’s drink, and I still think that there will be a twist to come in the finale regarding that. Maybe Hannah didn’t do it, what do you think? As much as I didn’t want to believe she done it, I still couldn’t believe it when Dexter turned her in to police, has he gone mad? The one woman who could ruin him with what she knows, and also the one who is not afraid to do anyone over in order to protect herself, I just can’t wait to see how this pans out next week.

What has been bubbling brilliantly all season long is La Guerta’s investigation into the Bay Harbour Butcher, wanting to prove that her good friend Sgt Doakes was innocent. She brought ex Captain Matthews in on the investigation and she was very quickly amassing some very good circumstantial evidence against Dexter Morgan. Matthews sort of warned Dexter about her “crazy” theory, but I can’t help but think that Matthews has his own hidden agenda in all of this, one which could prove a massive turning point in the season finale. La Guerta pulled off a master cross over during this episode, she needed to prove once and for all that her suspicions about Dexter are true. The best way to do that, get Hector Estrada released from prison, on what Dexter thinks is the justice system being too soft once again. La Guerta new that Dexter would want him dead and she got her wish, almost catching Dexter in the act and being one of the very few people to see his kill room. Of course she didn’t catch him, but it pretty much goes to prove that her theory is correct.

There are certainly some nail biting moments to come in what looks like it will be one of the best Dexter season finales yet. Will Doakes be back? Will Dexter get arrested? Well, for Doakes to have survived that blast in the cabin would be something of a miracle and for Dexter to be arrested could prove a bit of a boring season 8. I can’t help but think that little sneak peak at the finale may just be Dexter imagining how things could go, but of course I could and probably will be wrong, to see Doakes back would be amazing, the guy is still a legend after all.

Amongst everything that was brilliant with this episode it was still good to see a little light hearted entertainment, Masuka dressed as an Elf, anyone?? He was doing the rounds in the office seeing who would join in secret Santa, a cool reminder that Miami Metro are not really that busy these days with no season serial killer to catch, as La Guerta is the only one looking into the Bay Harbour Butcher case. And what was with all of the Christmas decorations? Dexter always enjoys it’s season finale in December but I can’t remember them ever having so much to do with Christmas in the show.

A brilliant episode paving the way for a brilliant season finale which I’m sure will see Dexter collecting some of those fake passports and foreign currency before hitting the road, on the run from Miami Metro. What did you think of “Do You See What I See?”? One of the best episodes yet? Your Comments are welcome as always.
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