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Thank You CBS ACTION For Bringing Sgt Doakes Back to our Screens

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

If you don't live in the UK then you probably don't know what I'm talking about, CBS Action is one of the many free-to-air TV stations we receive here. I'll be honest this channel along with it's counter parts CBS Reality and CBS Drama are ones I've never really checked out before, the reason? Well, generally there is not much on them, not that I'd like to watch anyway, but now it seems they are taking a big leap into bringing the UK some quality American TV shows for free. To start off they have hit the ground running with none other than Showtime's Emmy and Golden Globe winning drama Dexter. If your a big Dexter fan like me then you'll know already that season 7 is currently airing in the US, here in the UK we are awaiting the premiere on FX (soon to be FOX) who currently have the rights for the latest series' of big US TV shows including The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Burn Notice and of course Dexter. It was a great surprise for me when flicking through my Sky EPG to see Dexter's first ever episode had just started on CBS last night, of course there was nothing else on so I just dove right in.

I've already seen the first season of Dexter and you can check out my "Pilot" review of the show HERE, but if your not a fan and have always thought about watching the show then this is a great opportunity, especially if you don't have pay-per-view TV. CBS will be airing Dexter's first season at 10pm every weeknight. You may as well come back here and check out my reviews of each and every episode as you go, and be sure to join in the comments and let me know what you think. I have actually seen the "Pilot" episode of the show a bunch of times now, being so far into the show as I am it kind of takes a new angle for me every time, but the last time I watched it I actually read the script first, not normally my thing but if your into TV and you have seen Dexter, or any show for that matter do a search for the script online. Honestly, you think watching the show a bunch of times brings something new? Read the script, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Sgt James Doakes
To the title of this article now, you haven't seen Dexter? Then you don't know who Sgt James Doakes (Erik King) is. Well, let me tell you if you that Dexter is worth checking out for him alone, his witty one liners and personal hate of lab geek weirdo Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is brilliant, don't like Doakes to start with? Don't worry neither did I but the guy quickly grows on you and he's almost a legend between Dexter fans, most probably because he is so "plot" involved (don't take that literally) even now in the latest seasons, I really can not say anymore than that without spoiling it for you.

The plot of season one introduces us to Dexter Morgan as an adult but through flashbacks you quickly learn that he was adopted by a cop Harry Morgan (James Remar) when he was a young kid. Harry learns that Dexter has an urge to kill and helps him out by teaching him firstly how not to get caught, but secondly that he should live by a code. What's the code? Well, he only kills people who have escaped justice, more importantly killers who slip the net of Miami Metro police department who Dexter works for as a blood spatter expert. Season one of Dexter sees him go after the Ice Truck Killer, a fellow serial killer who really is a little to close to home, I've posted the trailer for you to check out below, and once again thank you CBS Action.

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