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TV Review: REVOLUTION - No Quarter 1.3, Things Are Not Looking Good For This Show

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

So, here goes with what will probably be my last review of Revolution until the season finale, this show has been a big let down and I’ll be honest here, half way through this episode I actually thought what is the point in me continuing to watch when there is so much better on offer? I’m looking for a weekly show which will sit up there with Dexter, Person of Interest and Homeland and what I’m delivered is a show which is looking likely to join TV’s scrap heap along with Alcatraz, Terra Nova, The Event, FlashForward and countless other shows that I could go on to name. Revolution is not even enjoyable, I find it a trawl and still three episodes in I really don’t care about the so called main characters.

Is there anything good about Revolution? Well, in the interest of starting off on a good point then I suppose yes there is, but Revolution seems to have me rooting for the so called “bad guys” as apposed to anyone else, thanks largely to lead actress and Catniss Everdeen wannabe Charlie Matheson (Tracey Spiridakos), easily one of the worst actors on TV and not enjoyable to watch at all, I said this once before regarding Alcatraz and it’s lead Sarah Jones, listen up J.J. Abrams with no formal acting training I’m pretty sure that I could do a better job as a lead character in one of your high concept TV adventure/dramas (email me for my credentials!). Revolution really has been disappointing so far and unfortunately I can’t see where it would get any better.

This episode was helped a little by the fact that we were introduced to The Officer (Mark Pellagrino, Lost, Dexter), a Militia boss who certainly helped things along when it came to acting ability, I’m a big fan of Mark’s, he was amazing in Dexter as Paul Bennett, wisdom like as Jacob in Lost and is clearly a favourite of Mr Abrams, when he was on screen my interest was certainly piqued and that is probably why I’m sided more with the bad guys. Pellagrino was brilliant and the other Militia Captain played by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito is also very impressive notching up your interest level when he is on screen, these two are without doubt the best characters in the show and more on screen time with them would be nice.

As for Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) I’m still not really all that impressed, is he good or is he bad? Honestly, I don’t really care, I don’t find myself interested by Miles’ character at all, even with the twist that he is actually the founding father of the Monroe Republic and teacher of the Militia sword fighting school. The leader of the resistance Nora may turn out to be a little more interesting but I’m not going to hold my breath on the matter. I think they would do better here in they focused more on the daily life of the Militia, more importantly Giancarlo Esposito’s character Tom Neville, if you remember he has Charlie’s brother Danny (Graham Rogers) held hostage, and for someone considered as the weak link in the family as far as kick ass goes he is doing a better job of holding his own than what his sister is right now, concentrate more on these guys and I think Revolution may recover a little.

I touched on the fact in the “Pilot” review that maybe a concept like this works better as a movie, I Am Legend for instance, and I still think that is correct. I even find the initial prologue to the show cheesy, I know that’s nit picking but admit it, it is very cheesy. I will continue to watch Revolution, for reasons I’m yet to justify but as far as writing about it every week, I don’t think so, unless of course things dramatically improve or I find the need to talk about something. How about you? What do you think of Revolution? Will you be watching or have you given up already?
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