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This Week In Cenema's..... Liam Neeson's is Back in TAKEN 2, Pus Some Romantic Garbage

Friday, 5 October 2012

Following last week big cinema release of Looper, I really have not heard all that much hype about the movie, that still does not sway me away from wanting to see it and I’m sure I’ll get round to it at some point. This week sees the release of another big actioner which is the follow up to a B-moive starring Liam Neeson which really struck a cord with audiences all around the world when released back in 2008, other than that there is a couple of new romantic comedies, and that kid wizard form Harry Potter gets all serious.

I’ll start as always with the biggest release of the week, Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen and D.B. Sweeney. Following the events of Taken where former CIA operative Bryan Mills' (Neeson) daughter Kim (Grace) was kidnapped by Eastern European gangsters in Paris the pair have returned to the more friendly ground of America. However you may remember from the first movie that Mills wiped the floor with several members of the gang, all of whose bodies have now been returned and their fathers and fellow gangsters have sworn revenge. The idea, not to take Mills’ daughter but this time go after him and his ex-wife when they are on holiday in Istanbul, probably not the safest place to be when you have pissed off a load of Albanians. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

ooks good right? Ok, it might be a little cheesy but when you consider that the original Taken was only ever a straight to DVD B-movie, and was pretty brilliant at that, this instalment should prove to be no different. Needless to say Taken 2 is on my must watch list this year and as soon as it’s available I will be checking it out.

Taking a step back to the lower budget end of things now is a movie which really does not interest me at all, The Perks of Being a Wallflower starring Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame, Logan Lerman, Erza Miller, Dylan Mcdermott and Paul Rudd. I really don’t know a great deal about this movie and only really heard about it when I caught up with Jonathan Ross on Wednesday night, he interviewed Emma Watson about the movie and showed a brief clip. It’s a coming of age movie set in the states for which Watson is required to put on an American accent, basically two senior high school students take a freshmen under their wing to show him the ropes. Sounds great right? Yeah I hear ya, I’m not going to be watching this one either, I’d imagine it’s one of those which Emma Watson fans may be attracted to but that’s it.

Moving on swiftly now I’ll talk about Liberal Arts starring Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jenkins and everyone favourite romantic leading man Zac Efron. The movie which again I have no real interest in follows the story of Jesse (Radnor) a 30-something former college student who returns to his alma mater for his former professor’s retirement party, whilst there he falls for college student Zibby (Olsen) and the pair start a relationship, I think. Like I said I’m not really interested but just in case you are check out the trailer below.

Leaving the romantic drama genre behind and the last one to mention this week, we move into romantic comedy with the release of The Knot starring Mena Suvari, Noel Clarke, Matthew McNulty and Jason Maza again, I know absolutely nothing about this movie other than it’s based on a couple Sarah (Suvari) and Jeremy (McNulty) who are in the progress of planning the wedding, of course things don’t do to plan and the pair suffer a series of comedy mishaps on the run up to the big day. I suspect that the reason I haven’t heard of it is probably because its not very good, on saying that though Mena Suvari has starred in American Pie (although she probably wasn’t that funny), McNulty is an actor who has had his name in a few movies and British actor Noel Clarke is no slouch so maybe this would be worth your time, any thoughts?
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